Depression and Anxiety, A Society Epidemic?

Who hasn’t experienced or doesn’t know someone close to them who has suffered anxiety or depression at some point?


Maybe you have had it most of your life and been told by health care professionals that you are stuck with it; and will have to learn to cope?


Unless you are one of the few unfortunate people who have been diagnosed with an actual physical illness; possibly some form of chemical brain imbalance, or post-natal depression, for example, then No! You do not have to live with it forever! Yes, you can take medication and it may make you feel better for a while, but what is medication doing? It is masking the symptoms, not dealing with the problem and if you stop taking it, you crash into depression again.


Doctors are often stretched to their limits and don’t have the time needed to give you the help needed; so, they give you the quick fix pills or put you on a long waiting list for CBT, which doesn’t always work.


The way in which our society has evolved has put enormous strain on us as individuals. You must look a certain way! You must be successful! You must be accepted by everyone! And if you fail at these things you are a lesser person than the next. You look at Facebook and see how everyone’s lives are so much better than yours; only you don’t see their reality, their lives are often very close to your own.


The stress of meeting these expectations causes your mind to overload and then it starts shouting at you to stop; it does this by making you feel anxious.


Society does not encourage a person to be an individual.

Society does not encourage you to be happy in your own skin.

Society wants you to be a sheep.


Have you noticed just how many people rely on pharmaceuticals or self-medicate to help them cope with life, it is scary!


The Control System aids in re-tuning your mind, so that all those superficial society pressures become just that, Superficial! Whatever is causing your anxiety and depression can be dealt with quickly and with the least amount of pain. Control encourages your mind to look at your life from a different perspective and not with an overactive emotional one.  


It is out of control emotions that cause depression and anxiety.  


There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  The Control System allows you to get a handle on those run-away emotions and take back Control of your life!