Why I Became a Practitioner

After years of exasperation over the poor mental health services provided by the NHS, I was introduced to Tim Box, the Founder and Brain Child of The Control System.

I went along to the consultation with the family member concerned and was so blown away by what I saw, I decided to experience Control for myself. I was that impressed by the changes it produced for me and my kin, I then decided to become a Practitioner and help change other peoples’ lives.

Being a Reiki and Crystal Practitioner, I have always felt drawn towards helping people, but Control just turned it up another level. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a Client come in with their shoulders dragging on the floor under the weight of their life and problems; to seeing them after the 3rd sessions with a big smile on their face; thanking you for helping them to change their life.

On top of that, they go away with the skills to keep using Control to combat all manner of issues.

No counselling, no need for re-living and re-telling painful periods of your life; just utilising the way your mind works best, to persuade your sub-conscious to do things differently.

It really is that simple!