Crystal Therapy treats a person holistically through the placing of crystals on the body and treats the mind and body as a whole.

Crystals help you to reach a deep state of relaxation, they aid in relieving emotional stress and pain and help balance the physical body.

This type of therapy is completely natural and each session is often very different for each individual.  However, everyone will feel calm and peaceful afterwards.

Crystals can also be incorporated into other holistic therapies such as Reiki.


Each Crystal has its own properties which aid in balancing the body's energy system.

You will remain fully clothed for the session, however the best clothing to wear would be trousers, t-shirt and socks to help the crystals stay in place.

Our Reiki Crystal Cabin 

Situated in the heart of the Faversham Countryside the Cabin provides a place of peace and relaxation.

My Crystal credentials can be viewed here.

Session Cost: Faversham 

- One Hour £40.00

- Half Hour Taster £20.00

Tel: 07734 551457


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