Our Reiki Crystal Cabin

Situated in the Faversham countryside, the Cabin is a place of peace and relaxation.


Reiki is a Japanese technique for Relaxation and Stress Reduction.

It is administered by "laying on hands" which allows "life force energy" to pass from the Practitioner to the Client.  It is then drawn towards points in the body which are low or depleted of this essential energy and replenishes it; this encourages self healing.

Reiki is simple, natural and safe and is extreemely relaxing and anyone can use it.

My Reiki Credentials can be viewed here


You will remain fully clothed during the session and the practitioner will either lightly touch you or keep their hands just above the body.

A Reiki experience is different for different people; some feel heat, others tingles and some with emotional blockages often feel a sense of release; however, everyone will usually feel calm and peaceful afterwards.

Whilst Reiki does promote self healing, you should never stop your conventional medication without consulting your GP first.

Session Cost: Faversham 

- One Hour £40.00

- Half Hour Taster £20.00

Tel: 07734 551457

 Email: coronationtherapies@mail.com

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